Rapid Review Math

Rapid Review Math is a one-credit, three-week course to provide review in key concepts of pre-algebra.  Students then retake the math placement.  Based on scores and instructor referral, students may then take a higher level math.  About half of the students completing Rapid Review Math are eligible to place into the next higher math past pre-algebra, consist for the past two years.  Students who pass Rapid Review pass their next math course at higher rates than the comparison groups.  For our baseline, we showed no students who placed into pre-algebra able to take college-level math in their first year.  Now, we have 24% ready for college-level in their first year. 

MAT 019 will be part of the new quantitative reasoning approach.  Students will continue to complete MAT 019, then, based on scores, remain in MAT 030 or move to the next level of the math suitable to their pathway.  

ID 16408

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