Blended Writing Course

Our Accelerated Learning Program model co-enrolls DE writing students in college-level ENG 131 and developmental ENG 091 with the same instructor, allowing them to complete both levels of writing in one semester. Our data shows that these co-enrolled students succeed at the same rate as those who place into college-level. The baseline and comparative data for the traditional developmental model show that only about half of any cohort pass college writing within 4 semesters. Additionally, male students, African-American students, and Pell Grant students all succeed at higher rates in our ALP writing model.

Based on this data, we no longer offer stand-alone sections of DE writing. All DE-placed writing students are co-enrolled in ENG 131 and ENG 091. Additionally, ALP writing instructors must complete a training session and participate in on-going “Best Practice” workshops.

ID 16412

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