Mandatory Orientation

Mandatory Orientation was piloted and launched in 2011.  Each year, improvements are made in scheduling students and in presentations.  Still some problems persisted:  students not showing up until late August; extra time needed for Course Placement assessment; a crushing number of Orientation sessions to be organized and staffed; and, frequently, up to six hours spent by students and families.  Changes were made for Fall 2016 to improve the orientation experience for everyone. 

Steps rearranged.  Students now have all their course placement assessments completed prior to orientation.  Time is allowed, however, for students traveling far to complete everything in one day.

Scheduling.  Rather than self-register, students contact student services to register. Staff make sure placement is completed, answer questions, and give students a short list of orientation sessions.  All Central Campus orientations are now on Wednesdays, with times rotating to accommodate schedules. 

Orientation reminder calls.  Student Success Navigators (advisors) contact their new advisees to review an orientation check-list and discuss career goals.  Navigators prepare a selection of courses based on placement and pathways, ready then for students to choose times and days. 

Resource Fair.  At orientation, other areas of the college display their services and meet students.  These include tutoring, TRIO, the Center for Student Success, Financial Aid, Men of Merit, and Sisters of Strength.

As a result of these changes, 32 orientation sessions accommodate more students than 46 had.  Time spent in orientation has been cut in half.  The show-rate increased from 57% to 79%.  More students are connected to resources early on and leave orientation with their course schedule in hand.

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