Literacy at High Schools

For three years, our lead reading faculty member, Amy Gamel, has worked with the high school faculty at Vandercook Lake to embed active reading strategies across the curriculum.  She has provided professional development and coached the Literacy Team of high school instructors. Each year, we pre-test and post-test reading levels for the sophomore class using Accuplacer.  Each year, we do a post-test with the prior years, leading to post-testing Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores this year.  One way we looked at the changes in reading levels was to compared the average test scores for each Sophomore group by pre- and post-tests.  In each group, the average score increased from pre- to post-assessment.  The current Seniors grew from an average score of 53 in their pre-test as Sophomores to an average score of 76 for their most current post-test.  We used a larger data set as a comparison.  The Vandercook Lake students showed a much higher growth in reading over time.  Additionally, VCL ACT/MEAP averages are trending up, with the highest growth in English and Social Studies.

Our three-year committment to VCL high school ended, but the instructors continued the push for integrating reading into the curriculum.  They have written grants to secure the doc-cam equipment for their classrooms and funded the administration of Accuplacer to seniors and juniors.  Students continue to show growth in their reading scores.  

VCL has continued the work.  Jackson College partners with the teachers to assess reading each spring.  Students continue to show an improvement.  State data shows that VCL has improved reading assessments over the past five years.  

Another major high school, Jackson Public, has enlisted Amy Gamel to assist with a similar initiative.  

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