Blended Reading and Gateway Courses

Following the co-requisite writing model (ALP), students have an option of co-enrolling in developmental reading (ENG 086) and a gateway course, currently PSY 140: Introduction to Psychology. The reading instructor attends the psychology course and then meets with the reading students, using the psychology course materials to develop reading and study skills. The course pass rate for "college-ready" students in PSY 140 is 83%. The pass rate of students who take reading as a pre-requisite and then take PSY 140, averaged over two years, is 64%. Students who co-enroll in reading and PSY 140 have a pass rate of about 70%. Co-requisite reading students in the 2015-2016 cohort accumulated more credits than students in that cohort who took reading as a prerequisite: 35% of co-req. reading students earned 24+ credits; 17% of pre-req. reading students did so. Tracking 2014-2015 cohort students over two years: 45% of co-req. reading students earned 30+ credits; 27% of pre-req. reading students did so.

We will offer eight sections of co-req. reading in fall 2017, one of which has reading students co-enrolling in BUA 100: Contemporary Business. We anticipate further expanding the number of co-req. reading sections and options of gateway courses that reading students may co-enroll in so that reading instruction is contextualized across pathways. 


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