Developing Learning Power

The purpose of the Developing Learning Power (DLP) initiative is to foster in students the traits of a life-long learner and an ability to change and learn over time.   In spring 2013, Richland College piloted a Developing Learning Power initiative in selected History 1301 face-to-face classes and expanded the pilot to face-to-face History 1301 classes taught by all full-time faculty and 10 adjunct faculty in fall 2013.  Selected Learning Framework pilot classes were added in fall 2013 and scaled to all face-to-face sections of LF in fall 2014.  As of May 2017, this initiative is fully scaled to all face-to-face, 16-week classes for History 1301, Government 2306, EDUC 1300, English 1301, and Psychology 2301.  Other disciplines such as Speech and Anthropology have adopted this initiative on a voluntary basis.  Participating faculty complete professional development for teaching thinking routines and thinking moves that facilitate the development of learning power.  Twice each year the college funds a nationally know speaker on the topic of Developing Learning Power.  Faculty and instructional leadership designed this initiative to be cumulative and transformative.  Assessments of student learning outcomes commenced during the summer of 2014. 

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