Caring Behaviors

Accounting 2301 faculty adopted the Caring Behaviors strategy in for pilot sections 2011-12. Caring Behaviors represent a set of behaviors exhibited by faculty in and outside of the classroom that promote student success.  This strategy is benchmarked from Collin College in a neighboring county.  Students complete a survey each spring term rating their instructor on the scale of Caring Behaviors.  The student ratings are cross-tabulated with student grades.  The data indicated that high student ratings on the Caring Behavior index correlated positively with high class performance across student segments.  Based on these results, Caring Behaviors was scaled to all Account 2301 face-to-face sections in 2012-13.  Faculty use these student ratings for their own continuous improvement.   Caring Behaviors concepts was also the basis for college-wide mandatory training for Understanding Our Students in 2014-15. This initiative continued through the 2015-16 academic year and is being scaled to adjunct faculty.

Caring Behaviors was also scaled to Biology 1406 and English 1301 with a focus on faculty/student mentoring outside of the regular class period.  Biology faculty encouraged one-on-one conversations with students outside of class with coaching and mentoring conversations.  English 1301 faculty designed an English Corner staffed by English faculty during office hours.  Unlike the tutoring center, students are not required to make an appointment and may stay as long as they like.  They have opportunities to work with other students and to obtain assistance from English faculty.  These interventions are reflective of Caring Behaviors.


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