BIOL-1406 One-on-one faculty/student mentoring & Back-on-Track - Caring Behaviors

Biology 1406 faculty implemented a one-on-one faculty/student mentoring program in fall 2012 for six full-time Biology 1406 faculty.  Students were required to visit the instructor at least once towards the beginning of the term and to bring their advising reports with them.  Faculty discussed the student's progress in the course and in their overall career plans.  The mentoring program was expanded to all adjunct faculty in fall 2013.  Although the mentoring did not have an immediate overall positive impact on percentage ABC grades, Hispanic student performance increased along with Asian and Anglo student performance.  Students and faculty alike indicated in focus group settings a high degree of satisfaction with the mentoring program.  Faculty reported better rapport with students, better class attendance, and increased engagement.  Students reported feeling more connected to their instructor and viewing the instructor as a resource and someone who cares about their success.  This initiative aligns with Richland's professional development on Understanding Under-Resourced Students and its Caring Behaviors philosophy.  In academic year 2014-15 and continuing to 2016-17, the Biology 1406 faculty also implemented a Back-on-Track intervention, focused on students who struggle in Biology early in the term.  Using this intervention, faculty are able to empower students to recover from an initial failure and get back-on-track by re-taking a test or re-submitting coursework. 

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