Academic Success Plan (ASP)

Students enrolled in EDUC 1103 have the opportunity to complete an academic success plan. Students may receive assistance from their EDUC 1103 instructor as well as Student Success Center personnel. The completion of the plan is expected to assist students in understanding the requirements needed to get a degree, provide them with additional opportunities to contemplate career plans/paths, and to practice developing a schedule of classes for future semesters. Data from the National Community College Survey of Student Engagement as well as additional research initiatives indicate that student intentions are correlated to student persistence and graduation. Because Rose State College intends to increase retention and graduation rates and decrease the achievement gaps among students of color and other underrepresented students, the institution has implemented a process through which students enrolled in developmental courses will identify academic goals. The academic success plan serves as a mechanism to engage students in activities associated with academic and professional advancement.

STSR 1102 has been changed and is now two courses, EDUC 1101 Orientation, and EDUC 1103 Educational Planning.  Students with one academic deficiency and new students are required to enrolled in EDUC 1101. Beginning with the Fall 2014, students with 2 or more academic deficiencies will be required to enrolled in EDUC 1103. Students on Academic Notice, Warning, Probation or returning from Suspension are also required to enrolled in EDUC 1103.

As of Fall 2015, the EDUC 1101 course is changing to ORI 1101 in order to increase the number of faculty eligible to teach this course and to make the course prefix fit the course.

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