Early Alert – Academic Warning System

The Early Alert system is used campus wide by all faculty to report students directly through their class rosters, to the Student Success Center.  Faculty can flag a student as needing assistance with a comment section as to the area of concern.  The system eletronically sends notification to the Student Success Center (SSC) for action.  The staff in the SSC immediately take steps to contact the student about the professors' concerns and offer support and guidance.  The SSC then reports the result of the contact back to the professor.

Students have reported that they appreciate the fact that someone cares enough about their success to contact them personally. 

One problem with this intervention is that some students do not update their contact information.  Rose State continues to try to provide easy means and to encourage students to update their information.

ID 16487

To contact this college about this intervention, take note of the ID above, ID #16487, and then fill out the intervention contact request form

Please note that for security purposes, contact information can only be provided to known contacts at active Achieving the Dream institutions.

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