Case Management System

 Research indicates that case management processes in which students receive regular contact increases positive perceptions by students regarding connectedness and academic and persistence rates. Research also indicates that students associated with learning cohorts achieve academic success and report higher rates of satisfaction as compared to their peers who are not associated with a cohort group. Therefore, Rose State College has chosen to implement a group case management system focusing on students enrolled in EDUC 1103 (Educational Planning) in order to better support the academic success and progress of students who display a variety of factors positively correlated with high drop-out and stop-out rates.  Educational Planning has been renamed to EDUC 1103, changed to a 3 hour course and beginning with Fall 2014 will be required for students with 2 or more academic deficiencies.  This will greatly increase the number of students receiving the case management intervention.

Because case management has proven to be a strategy that can increase student retention, graduation rates and overall success, our Case Management intervention has been expanded to include Ticket-to-Rose recipients, all   Athletes (which includes softball, baseball, men's and women's soccer), many of the scholarship students, and groups of students who have shown a need for specialized attention (many of these are in the developmental courses).

Beginning in Spring 2016, the Student Success Center contacted students who were placed on probation the previous semester as an outreach program.  Students were called and emailed.  An emphasis was placed on providing students information on resources such as tutoring that would help them raise their G.P.A.  Students were also provided information about academic forgiveness, as well as any other areas that would prevent them from returning to school.


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