Success Course / Intrusive Advising

LSC’s student success course (SSC), the main element of our First Year Experience, uses research-based best practices to support successful integration into college and movement on a pathway to college completion. In 2012, the SSC was required only for students who placed into two or more developmental education classes, and in 2013 the requirement was scaled to students placing into one or more DE classes. In 2014, LSC began to require all FTIC students to enroll in the SSC in their first semester.

Each student enrolled in the course must complete a ten-item outcomes checklist, accessible on their student webpage, that is updated and tracked by advisor(s), faculty, and the system office. One-on-one academic advising is a required component of the SSC. (Example checklist item: Complete academic plan with SSC advisor; document and verify academic plan in MyLoneStar.) The checklist items aim to support students in these areas:

1) Develop an awareness of collegiate processes, resources, and expectations;
2) Acquire assistance in academic and career planning; and
3) Apply appropriate executive function skills, study skills, and social/emotional skills.

The measurable outcome targeted by this intervention is persistence. In Fall 2016, 12,358 students enrolled in EDUC 1300 and 76% successfully completed the course. Eighty-eight percent of successful completers persisted to the spring, while only 45% of non-completers persisted.

ID 16495

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