Psych 1300 Learning Frameworks Course (Student Success)

This course was first offered in the Fall 2007 focused on students in three or more developmental areas. There have been consistently 3-4 courses offered per term. This course is required for students that are placed into both developmental math and developmental literacy and is highly recommended for all new students. The College revised its core curriculum in 2013-2014 and beginning Fall 2014, this course can count as one of the component area option electives required in many degrees.  This will help more students take this beneficial course that will now fit into most degree plans.

The enrollment in the Learning Frameworks Course continues to grow. There has been a 54% increase in enrollment from 2013-2014 till 2016-2017 (as of June 2017).  We will continue to promote this class to all students, not just developmental educaiton students.  We are working with the high schools to possible offer this class to our dual credit students.

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