Starfish® is a custom designed early alert system for South Texas College. Using Hobsons® technology, along with newly designed processes and systems, STC’s new early alert system fully automates a previously manual, home grown, system. 

The goal of STC’s Starfish system is to increase a student’s individual course completion.   Just like the original Starfish Story, STC seeks to help one student at a time. The premise being that helping one student with their individual course completion will lead to an institutional increase in student’s retention, persistence and completion. 

STC’s Starfish early alert features include, but are not limited to, fully automated user friendly and customized kudos/flags, system connectivity between Professor/student and detailed data reports. 

STC’s early alert system was fully scaled Spring 2017, using two formal progress surveys. During the term, approximately 44% of STC faculty initiated 34,093 flags/kudos.  The Starfish system is available to all 34,000 students (including Dual Credit), 1,600 faculty, 20 advisors, and Starfish Administrators. 

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