Pathways Development

Because of our participation in AACC's Pathways Project, which began February 2016, we are in the last stage of  completing an institutional map, which encompasses connection, entry, support, and completion (transfer /job placement) visually.  This redesign assists students in following a simplistic, intentional map from high school to completion in an accelerated, coherent manner.  We are in our third revision of meta major mapping, utilizing four meta majors: General Studies/Liberal Arts, Health, STEM, and Applied Technologies for full and part time students, regardless of placement. Our work has allowed an examination of all processes of the college and has resulted in vast improvements in admissions, student services and support, interventions, and resources.  WSCC developed a Student Resource Center this year to centralize tutoring and job placement and hired  a full time job placement employee to improve opportunities for students to develop skills before employment through internships, etc. A Transfer Team has also been established. After our map is completed in July, the communication plan will be evaluated and integrated into the institutional map to ensure systematic communications for students and diminish duplication.

A multitude of changes have resulted because of our focus on Pathways.  The Professional Development Committee and convocations for two years highlight this movement, its importance, and our commitment.  The Learning Communities' format will begin including "Lunch and Learn" segments, so more students and faculty can engage in the presentation/activity, and all offerings coorespond to our meta major colors, which we have branded through marketing and communications (schedules, catalog, graduation).  Our Teaching and Learning Academy will require participants to offer a learning community course in 2018, and a TLA for adjunct will be provided summer.  Additionally, an Instructional Coach will be hired summer 2017 to assist in improved teaching and learning across campus. Finally, the first of several Summits to discuss course curiculum for mapping has been held, and all General Studies courses will require one meta major assignment fall 2017. 

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