GPS: Our Freshman Seminar on Goals, Planning, and Success

Our revised, required Freshman Seminar course now focuses heavily on planning, advising, and establishing and attaining goals for students in transition. The course addresses student readiness for “college, work, and life” through four modules of instruction designed to reduce barriers: technology skills, development of a program of study, career exploration, and the value of diversity.  Each module includes the creation of an artifact that becomes a part of the student's e portfolio. 

Student focus groups were conducted in our new Freshman Seminar classes.  Students stated that the course was an academic one and required " a lot of work."  However, they found the career exploration to be especially beneficial.  Faculty have said that the technology check off has assisted students in preparation for their courses because they are familiar with downloading, uploading, emails, etc.  Because of our work with Pathways, the Seminar will incorporate even more work in the metamajors and add a segment on financial planning through the BA degree and/or employment.  An outside evaluator visits and evaluates the course each year, concentrating on its overall effectiveness for incoming students.


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