Pathways to Success

In 2011-12, NWTC implemented Pathways to Success, a developmental education initiative to establish course placement based on test scores for General Studies courses, including math scores for chemistry and physics courses. Our developmental courses added an academic coaching element in which coaches attend class each meeting and work with students who need additional support or guidance.  During FY16-17, the College has researched and will be implementing using multiple measures for college entry and placement into courses. Beginning in summer 2017, a high school or college GPA of 2.6 or higher or 3.0 or higher for nine Health programs will be the measure used for program acceptance and/or course placement.  Students who do not have a GPA of 2.6 or higher will take the ACCUPLACER and a non-cognitive assessment to determine course placement.  Students will be placed in one of three placement bands.  The first band places students directly into Gateway courses.  The second band is designed as a co-requisite model.  Students placing into this band will take a one credit developmental course linked with both the Gateway course (3-4 credits) and one hour of academic coaching.  Students placing into the third band will take developmental education courses, many of which are offered as learning communities to help students apply what they are learning immediately. 

Curriculum design and development are underway for the co-requisite model of delivery of instruction.  New course placement scores are being identified as the ACCUPLACER test has made significant changes to their assessment.

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