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Starfish is a valuable asset in NWTC’s student success strategy. Since launching Starfish EARLY ALERT and Starfish CONNECT in 2013 as part of the Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) grant from the Gates Foundation, NWTC has institutionalized the software into our everyday practices. The College provides an average of 23,800 individual pieces of feedback to approximately 6,700 students each semester, allowing students, faculty, and staff to engage in innovative ways and make student data more transparent throughout the process.  Evaluation methods include monitoring faculty and staff usage of the system to ensure continued adoption and investment, as well as student satisfaction and goal attainment.  In addition, NWTC also made significant changes to its advising model in 2016 which would not have been possible without Starfish. Our work this year focused the on implementation of a unique, non-cognitive student intake survey, creation of customized predictive analytics, and development of an Integrated Advising Model that relies on the collaboration of professional academic advisors and faculty for new NWTC students.

NWTC’s student success goals are more likely to be achieved with stronger, more personalized academic advising and early alert.  As a high impact practice, early alert provides an opportunity to work with all students who may be falling off course from their career pathway and plan.  Integrating the student intake survey, predictive analytics, and integrated faculty advising are all key ways in which the College can personalize the advising experience of every student and help coach help-seeking behaviors.  These initiatives will ideally connect students with support services before they begin courses or within the first few weeks of the semester, potentially decreasing the likelihood that students’ barriers will impact their ability to persist at the College. The resulting data also becomes a way for NWTC to leverage the full power of the Starfish tool and shift our use of high impact practices from a reactive to a proactive capability. 

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