Learning Communities

NWTC’s model of learning communities, called “Learning in Community” or “LinC,” launched in Fall 2014 with a small pilot of three paired class offerings - English Composition 1 paired with either Intro to Diversity Studies or Intro to Psychology and College Mathematics paired with Diesel Electronics. Last year, General Studies offered six different learning communities, including a number of LinCs that paired the developmental education Reading/Writing course with Intro to Diversity and College 101 (the College’s required success strategies course). At the same time, the College of Business acquired a grant that promotes a cohort model of learning communities pairing five different Business courses with a General Studies course, for a total of ten linked courses. Outside of the grant, 2017/2018 will also have a new LinC pairing English Composition with Technical Reporting for the Laboratory Science Technology program students, as well as a new pairing of Intro to Paralegal with English Composition.


Based on student survey results from Fall 2016, 63.8% of LinC students surveyed indicated that their LinC experience was a higher quality learning opportunity than non-LinC courses.  Overall, 69% of those surveyed reported that the LinC experience made them more likely to continue postsecondary education. Students consistently rated both the quantity of interactions and the quality of interactions –with classmates, with instructors, and with the material—the same as or higher than non-Learning Community classes. Qualitatively, many students noted how much they enjoyed taking paired classes with the same students; a number of students asked about taking another LinC for spring registration.

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