Financial Literacy

In August of 2012, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College developed the Financial Wellness Center within Student Support Services with the intent of providing financial literacy education to all students. Just two years prior, NWTC established a student emergency fund to assist students in need of immediate financial assistance to continue their academic studies. The Financial Wellness Center was established to provide meaningful interventions with students before, during, and after our students face any financial crisis to help them prepare, persevere, and protect them from reoccurrence. The financial education takes place in multiple formats; from one-on-one meetings, lectures, workshops, and classroom visits. The goal of the Financial Wellness Center interventions is to bring awareness and knowledge of financial literacy to students, and in return relieve stress levels to help students to continue and focus on their educational studies. Our hope is to meet with students to help them plan out their finances before they reach the point of crisis.


Statistics show that in fall 2016 78.6% of students in the intervention completed, 74.4% persisted, and 54.7% of students who met with the Financial Coach received a 2.0 or above. The importance and significance of the program has grown over the last five years. In 2015-16 the Financial Wellness Center had a total of 431 unduplicated student contacts through one-on-one meetings, workshops, and classroom sessions. In our current year, July 2016 – February 2017, not yet reaching the 4th quarter, there are already 589 unduplicated student connections.

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