Faculty Mentoring

NWTC’s Integrated Advising Model was piloted in 2015 by the College of Business faculty.  Using the Starfish Early Alert system to begin an advising relationship, faculty helped their new students plan their future, understand program expectations, and explore resources and experiential learning opportunities.  Results from the pilot showed increased term-to-term persistence rates as high as 13.7% for program cohorts.  The model was scaled college-wide in fall 2016 through a collaboration of faculty with 20 academic advisors.  The intent was to have meaningful connections with all new program students while using Starfish to notify students of required meetings and document the results. The meetings focused on academic planning, course registration, career development, and engagement with a student’s chosen academic program. Starfish allowed staff to have a complete view of the students’ situations including the results of the non-cognitive intake survey, academic program, progress in all of their NWTC coursework, current flags and kudos raised by all faculty, and referrals to NWTC services.

During the first full year, 2,006 sessions were held with students (78% of the new program students). Early results of the full-scale integrated advising model are promising.  82% of students who met with a faculty mentor in fall 2016 enrolled in spring 2017 classes (compared to 69% who did not meet with their faculty mentor).  A follow-up survey shows that

79.6% of students believe that faculty understand their personal goals

84.1% of students believe that faculty understand their educational goals

75.8% of students believe that faculty understand their career goals

77.9% of students believe that faculty understand their learning needs

93.9% of students agree that faculty believe they can be successful


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