Early Alert - Student Persistence and Success Plan (SPSP)

In an effort to increase students' successful course completion and progress to graduation, the college has an early alert intervention program called Student Persistence and Success Plan (SPSP). The system provides a tool for faculty and staff to report risk factors that could impede a student's academic success. At-risk academic performance includes attendance, homework completion, motivation, engagement with courses, and grades.

How the Student Persistence and Success Plan works:

  • Instructors review the performance of their students in your classes.  They are urged to do the review early in the semester.
  • For students who are demonstrating a behavior that could impact their success in the course, the instructor fills out the SPSP form through WebAdvisor.
  • Based on the SPSP information provided by the instructors, academic support staff and advisors help students access appropriate resources for academic success.

The purpose of the early alert intervention is to:

  • Provide students with feedback concerning their performance in a course in a way that individual grades do not always convey;
  • Provide students with suggestions/strategies for their improvement in individual courses (e.g. class attendance, completion of assignments, individual conference with instructor, etc.);
  • Provide student performance data to administrators/academic advisors/counselors who are monitoring/mentoring students enrolled in specific programs;
  • Provide the administrator/academic advisor/counselor the opportunity to help students access resources for academic success (e.g., tutoring, supplemental instruction, conference with instructor, time management, and study skills) and reposition for academic success;
  • Enable the college to better identify and intervene with the students and other designated students at an earlier point.
ID 16582

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