Revamp and scale up college success course

College success COL 102 course at Triton helps students prepare for a successful transition into college by orienting them to the college and enhance their knowledge in financial literacy, note and test taking skills, goal setting and other non-cognitive skills.  In fall 2014, the college piloted its' first 5 sections of the revamped COL 102 course to the "at-risk" student population defined by those students who placed in two or more developmental courses and received positive results in both quantitave and qualitative assessment data.

In the efforts to scale up this intervention so the right students can take advantage of this course, the college has designed an expansion plan.  Driven by the research findings regarding the relationship between non-cognitive skills and college retention, and the promising results of COL 102 pilot, a board policy is being considered to require students with low non-cognitive skills to take this course as an articulated elective course. Additionally, the course curriculum also got revamped last year and now includes a strong financial literacy component as part of the ATD Student Financial Empowerment grant the college received in 2016.

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