Mandatory Student Orientation

Mandatory student orientation was implemented in fall 2012 for all new and returning students. Students who enroll in six or more hours are required to register for student orientation. The scheduled dates for the student orientation sessions include the Wednesday and Thursday before classes begin and both day and evening sessions are provided. Students officially register on a date most convenient for them. Students who do not attend one of the scheduled orientations are automatically enrolled in a two-week orientation course. Student orientation is free. Sessions included topics related to college experience, connecting to PCCUA-computer login, library services and college survival tips. The students are also provided lunch and snacks.

This non-threatening environment helps students become familiar with the campus, the employees, and provides a positive experience to start college on the right foot; Students receive information about college resources and services available to them; they meet the faculty, staff, and administrators  and learn about important college policies and procedures; Students also meet other  college students and begin building relationships and making connections to the college; Students are assigned to a group upon registration and receive a copy of their class schedules from their assigned Group Leaders.  Throughout the day, Group Leaders make sure students attend the sessions and also help students find classrooms and meet instructors so the students are ready on the first day of classes; Students have the opportunity to schedule appointments with their advisors and make any changes to their schedules; During student orientation, students receive a student backpack filled with a sports drink bottle, notepad, highlighter, pen/pencil, snacks, agenda for the day, and  important PCCUA resource materials.

As a unifying strategy, all college employees wear matching college logo shirts and each employee has a role during the orientation days. The orientation days focus on helping our students connect to college and begin developing relationships to become a successful college student.


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