Student Success I and II

There are two mandatory Student Success courses which were implemented in the 2009-10 academic year. The courses provide a learning community and include  teaching about academic and life skills.  Both  courses are linked to English courses: Basic Writing II, EH-1023 is linked to Student Success I, SS-101 and was implemented in the fall of 2009; and Freshman English I, EH-113 a "gatekway" course is linked to Student Success II, SS-111 and was implemented in the Spring of 2010. All students enrolled in either Basic Writing II or Freshman English I are required to enroll in the linked course for that specific level. The courses are led by achievement coaches and provide survival skills training for academics, life skills, and financial literacy. The number and percentage of students ending the semester with a grad of C in the courses has continued to increase since the 2009-10 year. Success in these courses has been measured by the number and percentage of students eligible for advancement to the next level: Basic Writing II, DS 1023 advancing  to EH 113 Freshman English; Freshman English I, EH 113 advancing to Freshman English II, EH 123 will increase.  The number and percentage of students enrolling in the next level course tied to each Student Success class has  increased.

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