Pathways Meta-Majors

In 2015, PGCC was one of thirty colleges selected to participate in the American Association of Community College’s Pathways Project work over the next three years. This work is focused around structuring and designing guided academic and career pathways at scale for all students. The College’s Core Team for Achieving the Dream, a diverse group representing all major areas of the College, became the Core Team for managing all Pathways work. Additionally, a Steering Committee and several Work Groups and Think Tanks were formed and tasked with creating and implementing essential practices and intervention strategies.

One essential practice in this process is to clarify paths to student end goals via program maps created by faculty. The foundation of these program maps is the organization of all programs into broad areas or meta-majors. A needs assessment was conducted for all existing credit programs, based on enrollment and completion data, and occupational trends. As a result of this assessment, more than 74 of 217 programs were deleted.  The Programs Think Tank then developed a preliminary list of meta-majors, based on research and case studies from other colleges and universities, and aligned remaining credit and non-credit programs into these meta-majors. The next step will be for faculty to map default sequences, a common first semester, and develop information for each program (costs, occupational need, transfer destinations, average salaries, etc.), to be included on the College’s website. The 2018-2019 College Catalog will be developed using these meta-majors, and all students will be placed in a meta-major by the fall of 2018.

The current proposed meta-majors are:

  • Allied Health and Nursing
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Business, Industry and Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Wellness, Culinary Arts and Hospitality
  • Liberal and Creative Arts
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Public Safety and Law
  • Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Technology
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