Math Paths

The education landscape has evolved to acknowledge that not all academic programs and professions require algebra.  In response, and as the College shifts to a guided pathways approach, a need was identified to develop mathematics paths at the College to support the guided pathways implementation.  The college has identified five pathways:  Quantitative, Business, STEM, Teacher Education, and Statistics, all of which lead to academic credentials. Each math path is focused on either the terminal mathematics course or the academic programs served by that path.

Each of the math paths include the developmental preparation that may be needed based on placement.  These math paths were presented to program faculty along with transfer and career resources to identify the mathematical competencies needed for specific programs and careers.  Each program faculty was given a list of mathematical and quantitative outcomes from which to identify those most critical to their programs based on the transfer and career resources.  As a result of continuous dialogue and good synergy among colleagues, a mathematics path has been identified for each program.

The next steps for the College's math paths implementation include continuing to backwards mapping for each math path, contextualizing content, developing co-requisite approaches, and scaling embedded supports across all courses in the math path.

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