Modified Developmental and Gateway Courses

Modified developmental and gateway courses based upon modularized, contextualized, and accelerated curriculum have been utilized since 2015.  Our developmental math courses consist of 10-12 mini-modules that contain at least one homework set, a quiz, a midterm, and final exam.  Students are encouraged to complete at least one module per week but may work at his/her own level/speed, even completing the course and accelerating to the following course.  Instructors have class in the math lab, but students are required to attend additional proctored lab hours beyond the class meeting.  In English, students are enrolled in both a developmental and gateway course the same semester and earn six credits (with successful completion).  The designated section of ENG 101 is earmarked for the group of students who attend ENG 093 (the companion course) beforehand with the same instructor.  In order to remove the stigma of developmental enrollment and to promote better writing, reading, study, and participation skills, they are mixed with regular non-developmental students in English 101; therefore, the credit-bearing course does not change—only the companion course changes as it functions as supplemental instruction that facilitates success in the gateway course.  We opted for this model because research has revealed students complete ENG 101 at a higher rate than non-ALP students in traditional remedial courses and go on to complete English 102 at a higher rate as well.  We offer the same format in MTH 098 and MTH 100 (AMP). At the state level, an integrated reading and writing course has been developed which we are offering this summer in English as a pilot.



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