Institutional Realignment

In October 2015, Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) undertook a comprehensive review of the College’s organizational structure, capabilities, leadership development and succession planning, hereafter referred to as Institutional Realignment. The purpose of Institutional Realignment was to provide actionable recommendations to align the resources, capabilities, and structure of the College to best serve its students, prepare for the future, sustain the College, and achieve the vision for PGCC.

The College’s Institutional Realignment process engaged all constituent groups and the recommendations impact every area of the College.

Realignment has allowed PGCC to address and improve:

  • Student Experience
    • Purposeful realignment of the institution around student success.
    • Addressing the needs of first year students more holistically.
    • Addressing diverse and complex advising needs of the PGCC student community
    • Creating career pathways within and across credit and non-credit.
  • Leadership and People
    • Providing robust leadership development opportunities
    • Empowering people with greater accountability for the outcomes of their work.
  • Structure
    • Breaking down silos to work more effectively and efficiently
    • Structurally encouraging and supporting collaboration between academic affairs, workforce, and student affairs
    • Rethinking the structure of developmental education to remove barriers
  • Processes and Capabilities
    • Creating clearer decision-making processes at all levels.
    • Eliminating or streamlining inefficient processes
    • More fully adopting and bringing to scale existing technologies, resources and tools
  • Internal and External Communications
    • Streamlining communications within and across the College
    • Effectively articulating the strengths of the institution to the community and region

The implementation of the Realignment recommendations is underway and the intent is for the College to be fully realigned by Fall 2017.

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