Student Development Courses

Students enrolled in Student Development courses (SDEV) have higher productive grade rates and persistence rates than students not enrolled in SDEV.

Two SDEV courses are offered for first-time-in-college (FTIC) students. SDEV 0370-Foundations for College Learning course is a three hour course that is designed to support the transition of students into their college experience. Students acquire a clearer understanding of college requirements, campus culture, and resources. They explore career paths, examine personal motivation and develop study skills common to successful college students. It is required of students placed in developmental education.

SDEV 0170-College Success is an one hour  course that is designed for the new student transitioning to college. Course topics include, but are not limited to: college resources, time management, note-taking, degree plans and transfer strategies, campus culture, career exploration, and college policies and procedures.

Increase of up to 9% in two years.

Productive grade rates (PGR) of students enrolled in SDEV 0370 increased from 76% in fall 2009 to 82% in fall 2011.  PGR of students enrolled in SDEV 0170 increased from 76% in fall 2009 to 85% in fall 2011.



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