Large-Group Comprehensive Freshman Orientation

DACC conducts a mandatory Freshman Orientation for all first-time degree-seeking students. Prior to Fall 2013, Freshman Orientation was completed online with a follow-up appointment with an academic advisor. In 2013, the DACC Admissions Office added a large-group comprehensive orientation in addition to the online orientation. Beginning 2015, DACC Admissions Office along with Faculty collaborated on a different approach of presenting Freshman Orientation. Features of this new component include a formal welcome to DACC by administration followed by taking students into a computer classroom to provide a hands on experience. Topics covered include classroom essentials with a detailed approach in navigating through the students my.NMSU email portal, academic planning and resources, financial aid, and learning management system. In Spring 2015, we began surveying the students at orientation so that we can better identify specific services the students might need as DACC students. The information from this survey will be provided to each department that provides specific services.

We are developing a yearlong orientation which will consist of the summer orientation followed by a fall festival in October and a “mid-way” fair in the spring semester. All three events will focus on a variety of topics - advising, registration, financial aid, tutoring, campus and community resources – that students will find helpful. These events will include faculty and staff and will present an opportunity for Academic Affairs and Student Services to collaborate on specific activities that will provide relevant and timely assistance to students.


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