Precollege English/Reading Acceleration

During the first year of implementation, the Pierce College Reading and English subgroup reviewed course outcomes in pre-college English and adjusted outcomes to establish clear sequence alignment through English 101. ITRANS was continued and acceleration models were researched and evaluated to prepare for scaled implementation. Integration of Reading Apprenticeship (RA) throughout the college curriculum began within the English and reading.

During the second year, the number of faculty trained in RA increased and was integrated into the College 110 curriculum, required of all pre-college students. Acceleration was begun at the Puyallup campus and fully scaled at the Fort Steilacoom campus. It was also piloted at the military base. New data sets were evaluated for cohort comparison and intervention comparisons, and have increased the understanding of student data within the subgroup.

In year three, acceleration was scaled at both campuses. The subgroup expanded to discuss and improve retention rates and develop consistency in the student experience for those enrolled in ENGL 101 courses. Attendance interventions were tracked in the winter and spring terms to elucidate best practices for implementation in the future year. The key performance indicator of completion of ENGL 101 within the first year is being used to track the effectiveness of pre-college preparation and ENGL 101 interventions. ENGL 101 outcomes are being edited in the summer for implementation in the subsequent year. The integration of Reading Apprenticeship into the College Success courses is now standard, and will continue to be evaluated. Training faculty across disciplines in the application of the principles of Reading Apprenticeship for all courses will continue.

In year four we implemented the ALP model of acceleration for ENGL 099/101 at full scale on both campuses, implemented the “bucket” model of acceleration in 098/099 fully at both campuses, and we integrated trans ed into the acceleration model, eliminating 1 off sections of ITRANS by integrating transitioning students into all acceleration sections of English.  The outcomes for ENGL 101 have been edited and updated. 

For year five, disaggregation of student performance in acceleration will be a key focus area.  Equity has been and will continue to be a driver in our work.  Training in ENGL/ESL for all English faculty has been discussed and is in the planning stages. With the replacement of a key reading faculty member, RA training will be expanded to additional faculty in the Trans Ed department to solidify and continue the impact and role of RA at Pierce.​ The department will also be actively working in the Pathways work for their own pathways and to serve other career and learning pathways.  We anticipate contextualized English courses to play a role in these future discussions.

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