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The Aggie Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program is a collaboration between New Mexico State University and Doña Ana Community College to provide support for students who start at the community college, and are interested in transferring to NMSU. The program targets students who do not meet the admission requirements to NMSU, but still are interested in another path to attain a bachelor’s degree. Priority admission to Aggie Pathway is given to students with at least a 2.75 high school GPA but missing one required course or with at least a 2.5 high school GPA and up to 20 ACT. However, any student who would like to start at DACC and transfer to NMSU is eligible for the program. Once admitted to the program, students enroll in courses at DACC.  Upon completion of 24 college-level credit hours with a minimum 2.5 GPA, students can pursue a bachelor’s degree at NMSU without submitting another application.

DACC and NMSU jointly recruit students through new student orientations and other recruiting events. In Fall 2016, 284 students (240 first-time, full-time) entered the pathway.

DACC advises these students, including mid-semester, in-class visits to Aggie Pathway classes. And students are offered preferential Spring registration in learning communities or COLL 155: Aggie Pathway seminars. Six, multi-discipline learning communities (16-18 credits), including developmental and non-development courses were offered at multiple campuses. Two Aggie Pathway Student Success seminars were offered for those students not opting for the learning community model.

Aggie Pathway entitles students to an array of specialized experiences: small, interactive courses in the form of learning communities, and regular communication with an assigned peer mentor. Students also have access to social events: academic, cultural, and athletic events on the NMSU campus. NMSU and DACC faculty, staff, and administration work together to ensure students receive extra personalized guidance to help every step of the way as they work toward a bachelor’s degree.

A mixed-method of assessment (e.g., student course evaluations, learning community survey, faculty focus group, and institutional analysis data) is used to track the program effectiveness. Aggie Pathway students performed better than the general population of DACC first-time, full-time freshman students (Fall 2016) in persistence, semester GPA and first semester credits completed:

Persistence (semester-to-semester)  
Aggie Pathway Students  – 85% DACC First-time Students – 78%
First Semester GPA  
Aggie Pathway Students  – 2.31 DACC First-time Students – 2.29
Average Credits Completed  
Aggie Pathway Students  – 11.0 DACC First-time Students – 9.8

Based on the initial success, efforts are under consideration to expand the program to 500 students.  Additional, degree-specific and guided pathways are under consideration.

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