Welcome to the Pack

Welcome to the Pack is a transitional piece of the new student’s first year experience. It is a day long experience intended to create connection and a sense of belonging for new students prior to their start in fall term at Blue Mountain Community College This event has been in place for three years and analysis of first term persistence through weeks 2, 4, 6; completion of courses; number of earned credits; GPA; and subsequent enrollment into the next term data consistently shows greater levels of success for those students participating in Welcome to the Pack than their peers who did not participate in Welcome to the Pack.  This event involves the entire college community, including faculty as well as first and second year student leaders and athletes. Purpose, goals and intended outcomes for Welcome to the Pack are as follows:

Purpose: Successful first term launch for new degree/certificate seeking students

Goal: New BMCC degree/certificate seeking students will have completed all getting started steps and be prepared for a successful start

Intended Student Outcomes:

1) Connection with faculty, staff, and BMCC as my college
2) Awareness of resources, services, opportunities, supports, and the campus
3) Engaged with peers, academic departments, staff, and co-curricular opportunities
4) Prepared for first day of fall term with all getting started steps completed

Follow on Welcome to the Pack participant survey data consistently indicates that new students who participated in this event feel better connected, have a greater sense of belonging at BMCC, and can relate this experience to supporting their first term success.

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