Student Success Course (GUST 0305)

Developmental students, as indicated in their entrance scores, are required to enroll in the GUST 0305 Student Success Course if they score into any developmental course and they are also required to enroll in reading as their first developmental course if they are not college ready in that subject. The College has come to understand through research and best practice that students often lack the ability or skill to be effective learners, manage their time, or understand the role that they play in their own educational process. This class is designed to assist the student in gaining these skills and becoming the locus of control for their own learning. They understand that learning is not done to them but something they participate in. They also receive career exploration and counseling, access to student support services such as individual advising and tutoring, develop an individual learning plan with goal setting activities, support of a learning community that is established within the class, and access to trained faculty who are committed to student success at the college. Additional activities include financial literacy education and a College Preparatory Awards Ceremony that recognizes outstanding college preparatory students, including GUST 0305 students.  All of these strategies are accomplished with three points of contact from Student Services. The class is three credit hours and meets in both an 8, 12, and 16 week format. It is not a transfer, college-level credit but does factor into an institutional grade point average. The college used Dr. Skip Downing’s “On Course" material and trains faculty/staff to teach the course. The college is so committed to the principles of this program and requires all faculty and staff to be trained in the principles of “On Course" even if they do not teach the course. When the entire college understands the principles of how students learn and the tools they need to be successful then an environment is created where learning happens, is supported, and flourishes.

The program is going well.  For fall of 2015 there were 96 sections of GUST 0305 with a total enrollment of 2046 students.  The course A-C success rate was 74.9 percent.

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