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San Jacinto College has implemented Ellucian’s CRM Advise to help improve student retention and outcomes, and to connect students with relevant resources needed for student success. Advise enables Educational Planners and Counselors (EPCC) to identify at-risk students with a scoring plan, to raise individual alerts on specific students, to coordinate and execute engagement plans, and to track outreach, communication, and follow-up with students.  Advise currently pulls in data from Banner and Blackboard.  Select EPCC users provided extensive face-to-face training on the use of Advise for Educational Planners and Counselors during the last two weeks of January, 2017. 

Scoring Plans are a set of weighted conditions established by an institution against which a selected group of students is measured. Once evaluated, students are given a success score which can be used to identify potential risks to students’ educational success. Targeted activities can then be built within Advise to support students who have been determined as at-risk. We have consulted with and will continue to work with the Office of Research and Institutional Effectiveness to ensure that our scoring plans reflect factors that are of specific concern to the student population of SJC. 

Alerts are individual, specific concerns that are sent to an advisor concerning a specific student.  They allow EPCC staff to quickly identify conditions that may create challenges for students and respond appropriately and consistently. Alerts can be triggered by concerns such as missing classes or failing to turn in assignments, or alternatively, by positive things such as improving academic standing. Activities may be attached to alerts so that once the student meets the condition(s), and the alert is triggered within Advise, an email is automatically sent to the student or a phone call task is automatically applied to the advisor dashboard for follow up.

We are currently raising alerts based on Faculty Feedback reported by our College Preparatory faculty.  College Preparatory Faculty access the faculty feedback reporting page through the Faculty Services tab in SOS. 

Once an alert is generated on a specific student in Advise, advisors can view the alerts on their advisor dashboard, respond to the alert as needed, and document their efforts in CRM Advise.  Faculty can raise alerts based on poor class participation, excessive absences, frequent tardiness, missing assignments, no textbook/course materials, or personal issues.  In their follow-up, the Ed Planner or counselor may recommend academic advising, personal counseling, study skills, or tutoring.

Engagement Plans are made up of a group of activities that are scheduled and distributed to a select population of students over a set period of time. Activities can include emails, phone calls, text messages, mobile notifications, and more, and they can be scheduled to launch on specific dates or a certain period of time after another activity has launched. Students in the selected group will continue to receive the predefined activities until they no longer meet the requirements for inclusion in the engagement.  Currently, the following engagement plans are active:

Outreach and Tracking efforts for each student are recorded within the system and can be viewed by the Ed Planners and Counselors during the current term and for all future terms.  This allows Ed Planners to see if there are patterns of behavior that need to be addressed.



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