Fine Arts Council

The Fine Arts Council was created to raise awareness for Arts initiatives by providing leadership to the College and the surrounding communities to advance the influence of the Arts for students, faculty, and staff on campus and individuals living in the College’s service district.   By engaging neighborhoods, local school districts, and civic partners of the communities we serve, our goal is to expand opportunities for performances and Arts-related careers for our students.

Through the Fine Arts Council we celebrate our region’s diverse cultural traditions related to art, dance, drama, and music.  We accomplish this by hosting galas, gallery expos, camps, festivals, clinics, master classes, and concerts.  These events bring area students and community members on campus with the intent to convey the idea and dream that college is possible and accessible for anyone. 

While promoting San Jacinto College as an arts and culture beacon, we are committed to projects and initiatives that our institution is uniquely positioned to provide our service district.   We are currently pursuing funding opportunities for a Fine Arts Scholarship Gala that we are planning to host during the 2017-2018 school year and continue to strive to increase the number of enrollments and graduates in the Arts programs.

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