Case Management Advising Using Predictive Analytic Targeting

In the summer of 2016, OCCC conducted a pilot that would use predictive data from previous cohorts of students to target advising and case management interventions toward new OCCC college students in at-risk populations.  The initial step was determining the key factors or variables that had historically significant impacts on student success for previous cohorts of new students.  Once these factors were determined, they were applied to the Fall 2016 cohort of new students. Of the 500 hundred students who were identified as having the lowest quintile of predicted GPA’s, 400 students were chosen for the project: 200 for a case management intervention and 200 as a control group.

The 200 students in the intervention group were then assigned to four advisors in Student Support Services (50 advisees each) using five stages of case management interventions.  These interventions centered around engaging with students to better understand OCCC's information and resources available.  The results of the pilot used average Grade Point Average (GPA) and fall to spring persistence of the student participants as success metrics.  The data showed that the intervention group had marginally higher GPA’s of 2.22 compared to 2.06 of the control group and significantly higher persistence levels of 65.8% than the control group of 53.2%. 


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