Developmental Education Fast Track Classes

A new model of remediation with the developmetnal education embedded in the credit class has been developed.and piloted. A co-requisite model with culturally relevant curriculum is offered to a limited bumber of students through the Puente Program. Additional co-requisite models are being designed for future implementation.  

At this time the lowest level of Dev Ed Math and Reading are offered in 3week bridge formats connected directly to a 13 week course in the sequence. Student who test into the next level may take 8 week/8week combinations courses or take a full length 16 week developmental education course. Depending on the major selected and the proficiency required for the program, students are able to get in and out of Developmental Education quicker now with more success.

In the lowest levels of developmental math, nearly all sections are offered in the "fast track" format. Students experience an increase in success in the fast track sections.


Current scaling: In the academic year 2014-2015, Lee College will conduct 18 sections of developmental math at the 8W length.

The fast track format 8 week format has been adopted across other disciplines as well including some technical classes.

The fast track format was piloted in the Developmental English courses and it was not effective.  Lee College employed a combined developmental English and developmental reading model as an alternative strategy - ENRD 401 Integrated Reading and Writing in 2013-2014.  

Lessons learned from the fast track 8 week format led to the development of the current bridge program underway in 2013-2014.


Students enroll in two sequential 8-week developmental education courses in one subject. This allows students to complete two courses in one semester and provides daily instruction as compared to two per week in 15-week courses.

2013: This option is offered in both English and Math developmental education programs.

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