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2016 update:

Student successful completion of the Developmental Education sequence has continued to increase across the board in 2015-2016 with a narrowing of the gaps between target groups since the implementation of Integrated Reading and Writing ENRD 401 and ENRD 402.

Student completion of the Developmental English sequence has increased since the implementation of Integrated Reading and Writing ENRD 401 and ENRD 402. 

The 2015 ATD data continue to indicate steady increases in Lee College’s under-academically prepared students’ success, with 41.5% successfully completing Developmental English requirements within 2 years. 




Developmental education designed and implemented two levels of an integrated reading and writing course in 2013-2014. Only the lowest level of reading will remain a single class.

Facts About Integrated Reading and Writing Courses:
If students are not college ready in reading and/or writing, they will be taking one or more integrated reading/writing courses to help build their skills and be ready for college-level classes.
The three classes are:

ENRD 401
ENRD 402

Integrated courses (combining two subjects in one course) work on both reading and writing skills. By combining the classes, fewer courses are needed before students are ready for the credit courses.  Completion of ENRD 402 is necessary to take English Composition — a required course for all degrees. Both the ENRD 401 and 402 have a lecture and lab component, which means that each class requires additional time.

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