Summer Transition Program

Launched in 2012, Bunker Hill Community College’s Summer Transition Program provides new and readmitted students targeted transition support and the opportunity to progress through developmental levels of English and/or math prior to their official entry in the fall. Over the past five years, the Summer Transition Program has served more than 1,300 students, 84 percent of whom continued their studies at the College in the following fall.

The program has two main components: three-week non-credit Boot Camp classes, and eight-week credit-bearing Bridge Courses.

Boot Camp classes offer intensive skills review in English and math, with the goal of preparing students for placement tests, which are often unfamiliar to college applicants. Often, those enrolling in Boot Camp classes have placement scores close to the threshold for more advanced course levels, indicating that three weeks of review would benefit them more than longer, intensive study.

Students receive personalized evaluations of their skills, and they work with instructors, tutors, and a web-based interactive learning system to review academic concepts before retaking assessment tests for more accurate placement. From 2012-2016, Boot Camp classes had the following successes:

  • 72% of enrolled students completed a Boot Camp class
  • 49% of eligible students bypassed at least one level of developmental English, math, or reading, advancing to a next-level course
  • 78% of eligible students successfully completed a “next-level” English or math course in the semester after the summer program
    • 86% succeeded in a next-level English course
    • 71% succeeded in a next-level math course

Bridge Courses are credit-bearing developmental English and math courses designed to accelerate students toward college-level coursework. Students who successfully complete Bridge Courses are able to start the fall semester in college-level (or, in certain cases, upper-developmental-level) courses. Successful from the start, Bridge Courses have increased in number since 2012. Since 2014, Bridge Courses have been offered in pairs so that students complete two courses at a time, increasing their chances of success and shortening their pathway toward degree completion.

From 2012-2016, Bridge Courses have had the following successes:

  • 70% of enrolled students successfully completed at least one English or math Bridge Course
    • 77% successfully completed an English course
    • 63% successfully completed a math course
  • 74% of eligible students successfully completed a “next-level” English or math course in the semester after the summer program
    • 83% succeeded in a next-level English course
    • 60% succeeded in a next-level math course

The Summer Transition Program removes economic barriers by being completely free for students, including free textbooks and online tools. In addition, each class is provided a dedicated peer tutor who supports students academically and personally as they transition into the College. The program also has strong partnerships with offices throughout the campus, such as the advising center and the enrollment office, to smoothly connect students with services that will be essential to their success, from matriculation to graduation. In a 2016 survey, 82 percent of students reported feeling “Ready” or “Very Ready” to begin the fall semester, thanks to the Summer Transition Program.

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