LifeMap Initiative

Bunker Hill Community College's Title III project, From Dreams to Reality: BHCC LifeMap, is designed to deliver dramatic improvements to students’ success as they transition into and through the College. The project has an overarching goal of improving student engagement, retention and completion, beginning at the pre-enrollment stage, continuing into the formative first semester, and culminating in graduation and beyond. Underpinning the project is the BHCC LifeMap Framework composed of six interlocking elements that provide success pathways infused throughout the curriculum and student support services: Aligned Educational and Career Planning, Wraparound Coaching, Financial Savvy, Dynamic Support Services, Living e-Portfolio, and Powerful Social Networks. The activity has two interrelated components: Integrated Curriculum and Unified Services supported by the LifeMap Commons, both buttressed by technology designed to enhance the quality of services.

The project has provided an institutional opportunity to forge a stronger partnership between student services and academic affairs by creating an avenue for the integration of LifeMap principles into the curriculum through the development of curriculum maps. The curriculum maps are a term-by-term sequence of courses required to complete each program of study in two years or a certificate in the optimal timeframe. This helps students understand how degree requirements can translate into a term-by-term full or part time registration plan. This faculty led initiative began with a review of the academic program requirements established by the faculty and the college governance process. Maps include the designation of recommended milestone courses to help student remain on schedule to complete their degree in the most efficient manner. The leadership team worked with 25 departments and approximately 50 faculty to complete the development of curriculum maps for each degree and certificate program.

The LifeMap Commons has continued to grow, serving over 9,000 students in 2016-2017. Career & Academic Advisors and LifeMap Navigators work together to provide wrap around services in person and on-line that include career, academic and financial planning. With the implementation and roll-out of BHCC Self-Service, which includes a very popular student planning tool, LifeMap Commons staff are able to assist students with a host of tasks, including checking their financial aid status; creating an academic plan; investigating “what if” scenarios regarding academic program changes; exploring career pathways, paying for classes, waiving health insurance, and applying for graduation.

To offer additional support for LifeMap, a three-part workshop series was created to help faculty learn about and integrate LifeMap tools and concepts into the curriculum. The three workshops were “Integrating LifeMap Into Your Curriculum”, “Advising 101 & Education Planning”, and “The Tools of LifeMap”. Workshops were also conducted at departmental meetings and other venues. Faculty duplicated headcount in these workshops was 15 full time faculty and 24 adjunct faculty who attended 23 workshops or 6 departmental workshops. Once a faculty member finished the workshop series, they were provided a stipend to integrate LifeMap components into an assignment or class project. Twelve faculty created assignments and piloted them in fall 2015 across eighteen course sections. An additional 3 faculty created assignments in spring or summer and were piloted in fall 2016. The student completion rate (C-or-better) was 80% for the courses in which LifeMap was integrated into the curriculum. Assignments and projects are stored in the A LifeMap Tool Kit on the College’s e-Portfolio platform. There are 28 assignments in 11 academic disciplines currently in the Tool Kit. The Tool Kit will be promoted and further developed in the next two years of the project will ultimately house a robust and easily accessible selection of LifeMap-related material.

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