Starfish Early Alert

Starfish Early Alert was implemented full scale in Fall 2013 to ensure that students get early, as well as ongoing, feedback regarding academic performance, successes, and areas needing improvement to promote successful completion of each course in which the student is enrolled. 

All faculty are expected to complete Starfish surveys at points throughout the course that relate to attendance issues, missing assignments and poor performance.  There is also a "kudos" flag for those students who are demonstrating successful performance.  Along with the flags, students receive suggestions of supports, such as tutoring, as well as prompts to see their advisor and/or faculty member for assistance.  At the 50% point of the course, the faculty member provides a midterm grade indication for every student, reflecting that the student's performance in the course is satisfactory, marginal, or unsatisfactory.  For both marginal and unsatisfactory indicators, faculty are prompted to enter comments that advisors then use to proactively address concerns with the student. 

By Fall 2014, 100% of full time faculty were using Starfish to support student success and persistence.  Course retention data indicates that since initial implementation of the early alert software, retention rates have increased, while qualitative data indicate that students have changed their behaviors as a result of receiving Starfish alerts.  Data indicate that students receiving a flag for poor performance early in the course are more likely to successfully complete the course than students who are not notified of concerns.  Furthermore, both faculty and students report increases in student engagement and accountability in courses since implementation of Starfish.   

Starfish continues to be embedded within DCCC culture as a tool to facilitate student success. In 2016-2017, Student support services across campus are also using Starfish to facilitate communication between centers making the experience seamless for students due to the enhanced behind the scenes communication.  Advisors and other support professionals have easy access to comprehensive information about the student enabling immediate personalized service.  Students are able to easy schedule appointments with advisors or other members of their Support network and can also reach out and request assistance. They can receive text messages about alerts and Kudos, increasing likelihood of message receipt. The kiosk feature is also being utilized in service offices across campus to facilitate check in and appointments but also to track student engagement with the institution.  

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