Online tutoring

In an effort to provide more accessible academic support to all students, the Learning Commons introduced an online tutoring platform effective Fall 2014 that provides access to professional tutoring support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Using this technology, students can schedule appointments for tutoring sessions either face-to-face with DCCC Learning Commons staff, or through virtual meetings with either Learning Commons staff or professional tutors made available by the tutoring service provider.  As a result of implementation, the number of online tutoring hours completed by students increased from 178 hours in Fall 2014 to 949 hours in Fall 2015, with a corresponding 64% increase in the number of unduplicated students utilizing online tutoring services.  Spring 2017 showed online appointments had a drop in session length due to more effective tutoring strategies and technology used within the platform. It appears that students were able to achieve the same results in less amount of time, thus increasing efficiency. Student survey responses showed that 97% of the students who used online tutoring were “highly satisfied,” indicating that they expected the tutoring support would make them more successful in their classes.

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