First Year Focus

~~    The First Year Focus (FYF) initiative is a mandatory program designed to improve first year student persistence and completion at Georgia Piedmont Technical College. The goals of the FYF include easing the transition from high school to college, acclimating students to GPTC, providing guidance in course selection, and support for entering students. The components of the FYF program include post-test advising and an education planning session prior to registration, and participation in a Kick-off event.
    Advisors in the Advising, Career and Retention Services (ACRS) centers at both campuses are responsible for meeting with all new students at Georgia Piedmont Technical College.  During these sessions, advisors discuss students' career goals, program of study requirements, life dynamics and support services needed to assist them with completing their goals. The First Year Focus concept will enhance and focus the efforts of the academic advisors to reflect the developmental theory that promotes student engagement, autonomy and ultimately, student success.  The advisement process will create specific steps in the advising to registration process to equip students with the skill set needed to develop their independence in the academic process. The College initiated the process in May 2014 for new students entering Fall 2014.

June 2017 update:

The college's first year focus program is being revised. Previous results indicated that those students who did participate were more likely to be successful.  However, students were not likely to participate in every stage of the program.  We are working to improve the program so that more students can and will participate.

The program would consist of four required components: (1) new student orientation, (2) student success course, (3) new student advising, and (4) ongoing orientation activities.  Each new minority student entering the college would be guided through the process led by a Director and Coordinator of FYE, with coordination and participation by needed departments such as admissions, advising and financial aid.  In addition to the three required components, funding would be used develop an FYE computer lab that would be used for orientations, as well as ongoing activities that would be made available throughout the fall and spring semester of the students’ first year.  Also, funding would be used to expand the college’s laptop lending program to have approximately 45 laptops that would be reserved for first-year students to check-out to use to complete their studies. This particularly benefits our minority students who generally have a greater financial need and are more likely to lack computer access outside of the college.  The goals of the program will include:  (a) increase the number of new minority students entering the college, (b) increase the percentage of new minority students who are retained from the fall semester to the spring semester, (c) increase the percentage of new minority students who are retained from their first fall semester to their second fall semester, and (d) increase the overall GPA of new minority students in their first and second terms. 

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