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The Textbook Affordability Committee has been going through a change period during 2014-15 academic year, so most of the work completed has been in adding new team members and defining subcommittees to focus on areas related to Digital Pathways.  This includes an iBook, Digital Content and Instructor/Student training subcommittees.  We've built membership to 30 members across all divisions, including staff, administrators, and the bookstore staff.  There are 10 faculty members from each division.  TAAC, through its work with the bookstore and academic departments, continues to help reduce textbook costs, which is reflected in the attached infographic: textbookaffordabilitygraphic_au2015.pdf  By 2016, the textbook affordability initiative has impacted at least 11 courses.  

2017 Update:

The Textbook Affordability Committee continued to hold two meetings per semester this past academic year, and at these meetings the overall group would discuss issues around making textbooks more affordable, as well as other tips and tactics for reducing costs. We have two sub-committees, one is dedicated to issues revolving around disability services and textbook initiatives, while the other is focused on faculty and student outreach. The latter committee has done surveys in the past, but we don’t have one recent enough to share.

Our charge changed two years ago to be more of an information sharing group than one that is assigned tasks and projects. We are available for that when the powers at be deem in necessary though. With that being said we’ve maintained our stability in membership and leadership, with most of the 30 faculty having served for two or more years, while the admin and staff members have done the same.

Our plans moving forward are to keep meeting and sharing ideas revolving around textbook affordability, as well as to support college initiatives that promote reducing textbook costs without sacrificing student success.


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