First Year Seminar

Called First Year Seminar (FYS101) rather than College Success Seminar starting in fall 2015. 

It remains a 3-credit college-level course with five overarching goals: Strengths & Self Advocacy, Goal Setting & Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Study Skills.

The course connects students with college resources, including academic advising and financial aid services. The curriculum incorporates Reading Apprenticeship to help students engage with college-level reading by developing discipline-specific literacy and comprehension skills.

FYS101 follows a strengths-based approach, utilizing the results of the Strengths Quest or similar survey to inform many of the class activities.

Currently, new students with two or more developmental course placements are required to take FYS101. As part of the college’s efforts to enhance the first year experience, plans were in progress to implement the course as a graduation requirement beginning fall 2017 for all new students with fewer than twelve earned credits.​  In order to meet this requirement, students would be able to choose from theme-based and discipline-specific sections or content courses with the FYS outcomes embedded into the curriculum.

A vote of faculty members did not support this intervention as a graduation requirement, but many areas of the college either require FYS or have created their own discipline-specific versions of the course (for example, in the health fields).  

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