Mandatory Orientation


New student orientation is designed to help students transition to college life, become familiar with college expectations, practices, and policies; and to learn about college resources designed to help them become responsible self-directed learners.    It offers students the opportunity to engage with peers, faculty, and staff in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.  Columbus State will also take the opportunity to use mandated new student orientation to plant the seeds of appreciation and respect for its diverse student population, and to build a sense of pride in becoming a part of Columbus State's diverse community.  Columbus State has researched and is exploring several models of orientation.  For Autumn of 2015, we nearly doubled the number of students who attended since the 2014/15 year with 1012 students attending orientation.  The course success rate of those students was 74.49% as compared to a success rate of 72% for the comparison group.  The retention rates (Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016 registration by census day) of students who attended orientation was significantly higher (78.66% to 60.26%).


2017 Update

For 2017, we increased the number of sessions to 16 and had more than 1700 participants, and then did outreach to orientation participants who had not yet registered for the Spring term in December.  In addition, faculty involvement was increased through participation in two different presentations.  For 2017/18, we will further increase the number of orientation sessions 

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