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A 2016-2017 summary from the Transition Specialists working with service area high school seniors…

We are working specifically with our service area high school seniors and making great progress toward getting students through the enrollment steps. This year a little more focus and thought was put into developing opportunities for more high touch interventions as these seem to make the biggest impact on student outcomes. Recently, with the FAFSA applications opening in October, scholarship and FAFSA awareness and application workshops have increased.

Several of the high schools have new leadership this year. Although all of our high school partners are supportive and cooperative, it does take a little time to bring people up to speed and prevent a loss of momentum. We have been proactive in reaching out to new high school campus leadership and counselors as soon as they come onboard. Additionally, the transition specialists are participating on ISD and community education committees which has helped with the continuity and timely communication of information. 

Student interactions with the Transition Specialists remain the most significant activity in reaching outcomes. For students: By far, it is the small group interactions and one-on-one discussions with the transition specialists that have been the most impactful. Students are willing to express their goals and fears individually and often in smaller groups. Once the students become familiar with the specialists and vice-versa, they are able to assist them with opportunities unique to that students. For building the partnership with school and district level administration: A current project with Peter E. Hyland (an alternative high School for at risk students) involves the students typically low college-going rates. This project, led by the transition specialist, includes a post-secondary experience for a cohort of these students. This Spring, we enrolled 10 students in their first dual credit class.  This is a huge culture shift for the entire school. This project is a direct result of the transition specialist working with the high school principal, counselor, the high school college and career readiness counselor and other Lee College College Transition specialists.

Although students have begun to get their meningitis vaccination at age 12 in public school, they still present a post-secondary barrier for most students, requiring a 5-year booster after high school graduation and prior to enrolling in higher education. Currently, TG Philanthropy has funded vaccinations for seniors enrolled at all GCCISD schools and the Lee College Education Center at South Liberty County partnering high school seniors. Vaccination clinics were conducted in the fall of 2016 and additional opportunities are scheduled throughout this spring 2017 semester. Testing fees that had previously been a barrier for students are no longer a barrier since testing was institutionalized at Lee College in the registration fee.  


In lieu of monthly large meetings, in 2015-2016, with the help of Lee College's new College Transition Specialists hired to assist with college enrollment steps on the high school campus, meetings are held monthly on each campus with campus level personnel. In addition, an annual summer workshop is planned with multiple levels of leadership from both the school districts and college to discuss what worked well, what did not and what shared goals we will work toward in the coming year. The next workshop is planned for June 2016.


The College Transition Team is a inter-institutional team of high school counselors and college student affairs representatives including counseling, financial aid, recruiting and admissions. They meet regularly to ensure all seniors complete the compulsory enrollment steps for college including:

  • college applications
  • vaccinations
  • testing
  • individual advising
  • financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • campus tours
  • career exploration
  • new student orientation

The entire year of enrollment steps and activities are planned with the individual high school campuses prior to the beginning of the academic year.

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