Parent College 101


College Transition Specialists conduct Parent College 101 sessions for all area high schools. The Hispanic Education Access and Completion COmmittee has taken the same information and offers it each semester for a Spanish / Bilingual audience. 


In 2015-2016, the Parent College 101 was taken on the road and conducted at area high schools throughout the year at Parent Nights and College Nights. It was conducted by College Transition Specialists and was also modified to provide all high school students with identical information in College 101. This presentation was provided to participating high schools for small and large groups of students. It continues to be tweaked after each presentation based on feedback.


Parent College 101 is a Parent College Information program developed with the input of a parental involvement task force, the Tri-County Cradle to Career Network and members of the Black Education Access and Completion Committee and the Hispanic Education Access and Completion Committee. The program is designed to inform parents and family members, especially first generation college student families, how they can support their child for greater success in college. The program consists of 4 Saturday College workshops and a day long conference scheduled throughout the year on campus and several evening workshops held in the community.

Programming offered in English and Spanish.

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